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Noun1.George Armstrong Custer - United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)George Armstrong Custer - United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)
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Nowhere was this more apparent than in Hollywood's portrayal of General George Custer and his defeat at the Little Big Horn.
The study examines the role of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, as well as the General Judson KilpatrickAEs relationship with General George Custer, the reasons why Custer was not allowed to be part of the raid, and CusterAEs raid on Charlottesville.
The leaders learned about Lieutenant Colonel George Custer and the 7th U.
Located on the south bank of the Washita River, the school was about twenty miles down river from the site of the Washita Massacre, where Colonel George Custer in 1868 attacked the Cheyenne village of Chief Black Kettle.
Born May 1, 1852, in Princeton, Missouri, "Calamity Jane" was a frontierswoman and Army scout initially made famous by her questionable stories of fighting Indians with legends including General George Custer and Wild Bill Hickock.
It was organized and commanded by the boy general, George Custer, a graduate of the American Military Academy at West Point.
BORN WALT Disney, US animator, 1901, above GEORGE Custer, American general, 1839 JOHN Jellicoe, British admiral, 1859 DIED NELSON Mandela, politician, 2013, above DAVE Brubeck, US jazz pianist, 2012 COLIN Wilson, English writer, 2013
As they near their destination plans are made plans to pan for gold at the Thunder Mountain Gold Mine; dig for dinosaurs, follow the 1874 expeditions of Colonel George Custer, to hike along the Presidential Trial, and to check out the Junior Ranger experience offered at the Rushmore National Monument.
Both cylinders are up for auction on Saturday, along with hundreds of other items, including a shirt belonging to George Custer, the cavalry captain who died in 1876 while fighting Indians at Little Bighorn in Montana.
The hunt was hosted by Major General Philip Sheridan, and a number of colorful Western characters participated: Chief Spotted Tail, Colonel George Custer, and Buffalo Bill Cody.
Eight years later, Ziolkowski began work on a 563-foot-high carving of Crazy Horse, the 19th-century Sioux warrior best known for defeating Colonel George Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.
En su libro biografico sobre el general George Custer, el investigador senala que el jefe indigena odiaba a los blancos norteamericanos y se nego a aprender el idioma ingies, pero se llevaba muy bien con los canadienses e incluso aprendio a hablar frances.