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Noun1.George Dewey - a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American WarGeorge Dewey - a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War
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George Dewey's correspondence with Emilio Aguinaldo in 1898 was typed on letterhead of the flagship Olympia, so when did Pinoys start using typewriters?
In fairness to the top ranking officials in the Cabinet they all made very short speecheshellip except for DENR's Roy Cimatu who mentioned the historical Battle of Manila Bay between the Spaniards headed by Admiral Patricio Montojo and American admiral George Dewey in May 1,1899.
Raymond was born on November 30, 1926, in Nokomis, the son of George Dewey and Bertha (Straiter) Robbins.
The American fleet led by Admiral George Dewey sailed into Manila Bay where it defeated the Spanish fleet on May 1, 1898, and American troops landed .
Presided over by the esteemed Admiral George Dewey (until his death in 1917), the board of nine officers included leaders from the US Naval War College and the Office of Naval Intelligence.
Aguinaldo, as narrated, invited Commodore George Dewey to make an impression that the Philippines was ready to govern themselves, but Theodore Roosevelt forbid Dewey to make commitments to the independence.
The Secretary realized he needed military advice, so he chose a mix of up-and-coming Navy officers, the head of the Bureau of Navigation that managed careers, and one Marine officer, all led by the redoubtable Admiral George Dewey, to offer it.
A clear sign of this national feeling was the adulation accorded to Commodore George Dewey, whose destruction of the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay on May 1 not only opened hostilities with Spain but announced unmistakably America's ability to dispatch its military force halfway around the world.
Two warships remain from what was once styled "the modern American fighting navy." Both are museum ships--the protected cruiser Olympia, famed as Commodore George Dewey's flagship at Manila Bay in 1898 and now preserved at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the dreadnought battleship Texas, berthed near Houston in the Lone Star state.
In Lembeck's text, Roosevelt once again sends George Dewey to Manila in 1898 "on his own authority, without consulting anyone" (56).
George Dewey, Fox's senior vice president of digital, said the data complemented traditional written surveys and focus groups.