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Noun1.George Enescu - Romanian violinist and composer (1881-1955)
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As celebrated in the violin field and winner of the 2007 George Enescu Competition in Bucharest, Anna Tifu has appeared with many of the world's finest orchestras.
9, by George Enescu. Enescu's innovation consisted in a composition for the orchestra in which part I was represented by a single melodic line, without accompaniment defined by the term "unison" in music, hence the title of Prelude to Unison for part I of the suite.
A bust of National Leader Heydar Aliyev was erected in Bucharest and a statue of great Romanian composer George Enescu was erected in Baku.
He graduated from the National College of Music, George Enescu and is now a student at the National University of Music - Bucharest.
One of the renowned musical events is the George Enescu Festival, honouring the great Romanian composer.
The group of investors includes Hugh's brother Michael and the founder of Intercity Removals George Enescu. Mervyn Joseph, previous director of the company, is the fourth investor.
(14) Dan Acostioaei, Critical Research in Context: Trial/Process, Iasi: University of Art 'George Enescu' Press, 2012.
The information and ideas in this paper are extracted from training activities involving drama students of the Acting and Puppetry sections of the Drama School within the "George Enescu" Art University, Iasi, as well as the use of various specialised resources in the domain of Sports and Drama; it is also the result of the teaching experience accumulated in years of practice and specialization in the area.
Amir Tebenikhin is a winner of the first prize at the International Piano Competition of George Enescu held in Bucharest in 2009, the first prize of the III International Piano Competition of Anton Rubinstein held in 2007 in Dresden, the winner of numerous prestigious awards including the Grand Prix at the XIII International Piano Competition of Viana da Motta in Portugal in 1999, the Special Prize of the 56th International Piano Competition in Geneva, and obtained a diploma at the 2003 Queen Elisabeth Music Competition.
Cette liaison culturelle et linguistique puissante cultivee depuis des siecles a ete soutenue par des artistes (Brancusi), musiciens (George Enescu, Dinu Lipatti, Clara Haskil), des personnalites intelectuelles feminines (Martha Bibesco, Anna de Noailles, Elena Vacaresco) et nombreux ecrivains (Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Panait Istrati) ou avant-gardistes comme Tristan Tzara, Gherasim Luca, Benjamin Fondane).