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(ˈfɑːkwə; -kə)
(Biography) George. 1678–1707, Irish-born dramatist; author of comedies such as The Recruiting Officer (1706) and The Beaux' Stratagem (1707)


(ˈfɑr kwər, -kwɑr, -kər)

George, 1678–1707, English playwright, born in Ireland.
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To the next generation and the end of the period (or rather of the Restoration literature, which actually lasted somewhat beyond 1700), belong William Congreve, a master of sparkling wit, Sir John Vanbrugh, and George Farquhar.
Remarkably, many of the convicts survived the eight month pilgrimage despite the appalling conditions they faced and went on to stage Australia's first recorded theatre performance, The Recruiting Officer, by George Farquhar.
Experimentation on the English Stage, 1693-1708: The Career of George Farquhar.
Written by George Farquhar, the original play is considered a staple of the 17th century British comedy canon.
A Shakespeare Theater Company presentation of a play in two acts by George Farquhar, adapted by Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig.
Yesterday the families of two Scots airmen, George Farquhar, from Aberdeen, and James Nairsmit, from Fife, who died in the crash, attended a service at Kinloss Abbey in Morayshire, where five of the flyers are buried.
George Farquhar claimed that women "should be at home making babies" instead of joining the Inverness British Legion.
George Farquhar includes in Love and Business (published in 1702, but obviously written seven years before) a poem on the death of Queen Mary which ascribes to the dead queen a kind of power that the women poets have given to Mary of Modena.
The RSC performed two plays during its visit to Huddersfield, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar.
The earliest reference to The George is made by George Farquhar, the famous dramatist, who stayed there in 1707 whilst quartered as a recruitment officer.