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Noun1.George Gamow - United States physicist (born in Russia) who was a proponent of the big-bang theory and who did research in radioactivity and suggested the triplet code for DNA (1904-1968)
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In fact, radioactive half-lives themselves are based on underlying probabilities discovered by George Gamow, and it's not possible to say with certainty in a radioactively-decaying sample of an element whether "this" atom will decay to its isotope or if "this other one" will instead.
Not long after that decision, physicist George Gamow, then best known for his theories on the origins of the chemical elements (and who heard about Rubin through Robert's office mate), called Rubin to discuss her thesis.
A physicist by the name of ( George Gamow  then produced a formalism for describing alpha decay using quantum tunneling (first noted by ( Friedrich Hund )- which allowed atoms to cross the classically impenetrable Coulomb barrier.
(24) George Gamow, a prominent physicist and a member of the Air Force's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was highly skeptical of this approach to the guidance problem facing the U.
Founded by the physicist George Gamow, it was a collaborative effort to figure out the structure of RNA.
The CMBR was a prediction of the work of George Gamow, Ralph Alpher, Hans Bethe and Robert Herman on the Big Bang nucleosynthesis [11,12], and was discovered later in 1964 by Penzias and Wilson.
A biography of physicists Max Delbr0ck and George Gamow describes their friendship and research in cosmology and genetics.
We also follow his personal life, how he enjoyed making trips to Russia, and how he began studying Russian amid some infatuation for Rho Gamow, the wife of the well-known George Gamow (p.
En resumen, la teoria de Einstein, junto con los trabajos de Planck (cuanto de accion), Heisenberg (principio de incertidumbre), Bohr (primer modelo cuantico del atomo) permitieron un cambio en la aplicacion de las teorias de Newton y una clara diferenciacion entre la macrofisica (astronomia) y la fisica molecular, para alcanzar un apogeo (por el momento) con la teoria de Big Bang, postulada inicialmente en 1940 por el fisico ruso emigrado a Estados Unidos George Gamow y sus colaboradores de la Universidad George Washington.
George Gamow realised that if there had been a Big Bang then there must still be residual radiation left from the enormous heat when the Universe was born.
As it happened, the deciding factor burst into the tight circle of DNA researchers in the guise of the ebullient, emigre Russian physicist, prankster, military consultant, and near alcoholic, George Gamow. Gamow had been heavily engaged with coding during the war and remained in regular contact with the military in the 1950's.