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Noun1.George Ellery Hale - United States astronomer who discovered that sunspots are associated with strong magnetic fields (1868-1938)
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If he had, he would have also pointed out that for former Canadian soldiers, Arthur James Cryderman of the Saskatoon Light Infantry and Edwin Barnard Martin, John Gordon Galaher and George Hale of the Essex Scottish Regiment all defected and served in the British Free Corps of the SS.
The featured speaker will be Ric Tyler, co-host of the George Hale Ric Tyler morning show on 103.
Det Supt George Hale oversees a fingertip search of Kielder Forest, where murder victim Alan Raffle's body was hidden
GRIM DISCOVERY Left, Supt George Hale and Chief Supt David Shaw in Kielder Forest near the spot where Alan Raffle was buried in 1986
Survivors include his wife; four sons, George Hale of Lago Vista, Texas, Timothy Hale of Hopkinsville, Ky.
tweeted George Hale, the English editor of the West Bank-based Ma'an News Agency, referring to the pro-unification movement.
George Hale, a journalist on Ma'an, said, "It is inexplicable that Malsin would knowingly drop the legal challenge (.
It's disheartening that the [Interior Ministry] officials showed up with the documents just moments after his lawyer left," said Ma'an spokesman George Hale.
He sounded shaken and confused," said George Hale, a fellow journalist with Maan.