George Huntington

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Noun1.George Huntington - United States physician who first described Huntington's chorea
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However, this disease was described more than 100 years ago by George Huntington in the paper titled "On Chorea", published in 1872 (43); only later was this disease referred to as "Huntington Disease".
Huntingtons was first described in 1872 by 22-year-old American physician George Huntington. The pernicious, hereditary disease usually starts causing symptoms between ages 30 and 50 and progresses over a period of one to two decades until it proves fatal.
A Doenca de Huntington (DH), descrita por George Huntington, em 18721-3, e uma condicao neurodegenerativa, com heranca autossomica dominante, causada por uma expansao da repeticao CAG no gene huntingtina, localizado no braco curto do cromossomo 4 na regiao 16.3.