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Noun1.George S. Kaufman - United States playwright who collaborated with many other writers including Moss Hart (1889-1961)George S. Kaufman - United States playwright who collaborated with many other writers including Moss Hart (1889-1961)
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In a tribute to his legacy Alan and Stuart Suna of Silvercup Studios said, "George Kaufman had an unprecedented vision for Queens as a center for the film and television industry but the realities that followed exceeded everyone's expectations.
LAPINE: No, but George Kaufman also directed, and he was a critic for the New York Times at the same time.
Directed by Nikolai Foster, it's a version of the Broadway blockbuster based on a 1934 play by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, about the compromise of youthful innocence, ideals and ambition in the pursuit of success.
While the commercial market has taken plenty of hits in the last few years, George Kaufman, chairman of commercial real estate property owner the Kaufman Organization, thinks the time is right to buy in New York City.
Johnson, George Kaufman, Charlie McAteer, Terry Schnuck, Michael Gardner/David Jaroslowicz, Roy Gottlieb/Raise the Roof Two, Dena Hammerstein/Pam Pariseau, Stewart F.
The cost of the project is $3.2 million, says George Kaufman, who directs Omega's fundraising.
"This is even more true in Europe than in the US" because of how the EU has implemented the Basel II agreement, the Co-chairman of the US Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee, George Kaufman, told Europolitics on 17 September.
Humourist and playwright George Kaufman once wrote: "I'd rather be a bad winner than any kind of loser."
On this occasion it is with a visiting academic, Professor George Kaufman, and covers a range of financial stability issues.
Benston, George, Robert Eisenbeis, Paul Horvitz, Edward Kane, and George Kaufman. 1986.
The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee, of which George Kaufman, Ed Kane, and I are founding members, tends to believe that market solutions of financial problem are preferable to government solutions.
These progressives turned out to be Eleanor Roosevelt, Franz Boas, Orson Welles, George Kaufman, and Sophie Tucker, individuals whose interests lay more with broadening the appeal of African American culture than with developing an independent theater (Ward "Our Conception").