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Noun1.George Meredith - English novelist and poet (1828-1909)George Meredith - English novelist and poet (1828-1909)
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One incomparable novelist we have now in England, Mr George Meredith. There are better artists in France, but France has no one whose view of life is so large, so varied, so imaginatively true.
He formed a platonic friendship with a lady some years older than himself, who lived in Kensington Square; and nearly every afternoon he drank tea with her by the light of shaded candles, and talked of George Meredith and Walter Pater.
Beyond "Fra Lippo Lippi" and "Caliban and Setebos," he found nothing in Browning, while George Meredith was ever his despair.
George Meredith's right-- the cause of Comedy and the cause of Truth are really the same; and I, even I, have found tenants for the distressful Cissie Villa.
In the fifth verse we shall recognise our old friend "Marriage on the ten-years system," which George Meredith suggested some years ago.
And now let us talk about George Meredith, if you please, and we shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow."
A William Thackeray B Anthony Trollope C George Meredith D Joseph Conrad 5.
She had a rare talent for entering the orbits of, and usually impressing, eminent figures--from John Ruskin to Thomas Carlyle and from George Meredith to Robert Louis Stevenson.
If you still don't get the point perhaps this excerpt from Punishment of Khipil by George Meredith will help you understand it better: 'There was once a farm servant that, having neglected in the seed-time to sow, took to singing the richness of his soil when it was harvest, in proof of which he displayed the abundance of weeds that coloured the land everywhere'.
A Thomas Hardy B George Meredith C Henry James D Arnold Bennett 6.
novelist George Meredith, the spokesman said that Imran Khan was only used to talking and he never bothered to complete development projects.
Citing writer George Meredith's novel 'The Punishment of Khipil' he said: 'Imran is a Khipil of Pakistan.