George Washington Bridge

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Noun1.George Washington Bridge - a suspension bridge across the Hudson River between New York and New JerseyGeorge Washington Bridge - a suspension bridge across the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey
Greater New York, New York, New York City - the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center
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PATH, the Bus Terminal and George Washington Bridge Bus Station and the Port Authority's Hudson River crossings - the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln and Holland tunnels - will have a full complement of toll collectors, customer assistance staff and police personnel on duty to ensure a safe commute for travelers while Pope Francis is in town.
This special committee will have broad powers with special counsel and subpoena power to investigate who knew what and when during the controversial closing of the George Washington Bridge in September 2013.
The authority is in charge of the George Washington Bridge.
Her photograph of the George Washington Bridge published in Fortune magazine in 1933, explores the modern concept of the machine-age aesthetic, celebrating the beauty in function.
He is thus no stranger to that vast "Homeland America" that he describes as starting "over the George Washington Bridge.
May 20--Fort Lee Hilton at the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee, N.
Sheik Rahman, 63, is serving a life sentence for his 1995 conviction as leader of the plot to blow up such New York City landmarks as the World Trade Center, the New York FBI headquarters, the George Washington Bridge, and the Lincoln and Holland tunnels.
Appointed in early February, Butcher, 54, is responsible for the activities of over 5,000 employees at the agency's facilities, including the George Washington Bridge, the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, John F.
The Long Path begins on the New Jersey side of New York City's George Washington Bridge, and travels along the top of the Hudson River's towering Palisades, across the ridge of the massive Shawagunk Mountains and through the deep woodlands of the Catskill Mountains into the flat fertile farmland of the Skoharie Valley.
What do Palo Alto, Bangor, Seattle, and New York City's George Washington Bridge have in common?
He led bridge-stiffening and rehabilitation design for the Manhattan Bridge, seismic investigation of the George Washington Bridge, and numerous other projects at both long-span suspension bridges and many medium- and short-span structures.
But this is his first foray into late-night comedy since the story about lane closures on the George Washington Bridge became a problem for the Republican governor.

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