George noble

George´ no`ble

n.1.A gold noble of the time of Henry VIII. See Noble, n.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As well as marvelling at the skill of the darting superstars, some fans even got the chance to play their heroes on stage with their matches being called by professional darts referee George Noble.
Over 40s: 1 Rob Bowyer; 2 Alan MacDonald; 3 George Noble. Over 50s: 1 Andy Hipwell; 2 Ian Myers; 3 Ian Thomson.
Wells was commissioned by Sir George Noble, whose family fortunes was built on gun manufacturing.
We were up there to play darts but even the referee George Noble could hear him.
"Within half an hour I had an email telling us he could make that happen and to be at the Tramshed for 5.30pm and that he would be met by referee George Noble."
He discusses crisis and criticism, naming the parts of a life, actions of this kind or that, affinity and mimesis, and two items preserved among the papers of George Noble Plunkett.
Jacob McDonald fired a William Hunt cross over the Westend bar as the game lurched from end to end but, despite some brave defending from George Noble, Winteringham and Jack McIlwrath, the visitors regained the lead when Hunt's initial shot was blocked by keeper Salmon only for the ball to land kindly for Hebdia who scored from close range (2-3).
World champion Adrian Lewis, Mark Walsh, Colin Lloyd, Dave Chisnall, Steve Beaton, Tony O'Shea, Deta Hedman and top referee George Noble also supported an event which reflected only credit on the darts fraternity.
Those ex-servicemen and women to receive medals were Patrick Caveney, Harry Younger, Catherine Liddle, Ray Goundry, Margaret Cummings, Malcolm Payne, Cyril Taylor, Lillian Fox, George Pearson, William Dobson, Jack Perry, William Cork, George Noble, Jack Travis and John Maddison.
New members and visitors are always welcome and if you would like to join the club then contact George Noble on 01642 655611.
George Noble, liquidator of Greenfield International Property Fund, claimed Hexley had been a director of the fund, described as "only suitable for experienced investors".
3 Rose Noble, George Noble and Angel Noble were all types of what?