Georges Bank

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Geor·ges Bank

A submerged sandbank in the Atlantic Ocean east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is a highly productive fishing ground.

Geor′ges Bank′

(ˈdʒɔr dʒɪz)
a bank extending generally NE from Nantucket: fishing grounds. 150 mi. (240 km) long.
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ABSTRACT Georges Bank is the most productive sea scallop fishing ground in the world, but little is known about the regional spawning patterns.
Now, Llopiz and WHOI colleague Simon Thorrold are tapping into this archive as a window into the past, looking for changes in the ecosystem that may be compromising one of world's most productive fishing grounds, Georges Bank.
A model of first-year life-stage recruitment was applied to Georges Bank Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) stocks over the years 1977-2004 by using environmental and density-dependent relationships.
That's what Peter Shelley learned 30 years ago as a law student, when he helped two CLF attorneys challenge the federal government's right to allow offshore drilling in Georges Bank, one of the most productive fisheries in the world.
President George Bush (the senior) declared a moratorium prohibiting oil and gas leasing and drilling in "environmentally sensitive areas"--about 99 percent of the California coast, most of Florida's gulf coast, the Georges Bank, and areas off Oregon and Washington--until after the year 2000, In 1998, President Bill Clinton extended the moratorium through 2012.
The population of cod found near Georges Bank, off southern New England, decreased by 25 percent since 2001, the report shows.
NORIGS 2000 wants to keep oil rigs off Georges Bank.
Haddock are found in cool, temperate waters across the continental shelf and over offshore submerged banks, with major commercial aggregations occurring on the southern Grand Bank, Scotian Shelf, and Georges Bank (Zwanenburg et al.
Heavily stocked with cod, haddock, and other cold-water fish, Georges Bank in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean was for centuries a magnet for fishermen.
The Georges Bank off New England was overfished to commercial extinction, dead after 500 years as the most productive fishing grounds on earth.
When Giuseppe Brancaleone, the head of the family, steamed out of Gloucester harbor to the offshore fishing grounds of Georges Bank, other boats followed discreetly behind.