Georges de La Tour

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Noun1.Georges de La Tour - French painter of religious works (1593-1652)Georges de La Tour - French painter of religious works (1593-1652)
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Contract notice: technical control mission (ct) relating to the operation of the restructuring of the science rooms at the regional general and technological college georges de la tour in metz
The Dice Players was on loan to the National Museum of Art in Washington for the first Georges De la Tour exhibition to be held there.
These oils and mixed-media canvases represent Trad's unique tribute to old masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer, Jan van Eyck, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Georges de La Tour and Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebru.
Yo cumplo mi destino"; Meaume, el grabador de Terraza en Roma cuyas facciones son desfiguradas con acido y que encuentra en los celos "un organo de vision mas fuerte que la vista", y Georges de la Tour, el pintor que "de la noche hizo su reino" al empenarse en reducir el orbe a cuadros donde las tinieblas entablan una lucha enigmatica con la luz de las velas.
Haughty, sharp-tongued, self-assured, unbearably self-sufficient, stingy, and violent beyond measure," is how Georges de La Tour was described by his contemporaries.
Asi, tal como en los mejores cuadros de Rembrandt, Georges de la Tour y Rene Magritte, la poesia y la prosa de Pedro Lastra revelan su luz porque nacen de la oscuridad, o viven en ella su mejor momento; no podemos comprender la una sin la otra.
That very day, I had just completed Magdalene with Smoking Flame, inspired by the painting by Georges de La Tour, still on my mind.
For example, the British art historian Christopher Wright, who had initially challenged the authenticity of the Kimbell's Cheat with the Ace of Clubs by Georges de La Tour changed his opinion following the restoration detailed in the case study below.
THE candlelight scenes of Georges de La Tour slipped into the darkness for two centuries but are now the subject of a Warwickshire exhibition at Compton Verney.
Few major artists have been more shrouded in shadows than Georges de La Tour (1593-1652), whose international reputation is largely a 20th century creation.
The second juxtaposes secular and sacred forms in its approach to courtly nighttime entertainments in the reign of France's Charles IX; to the painterly arts of Antoine Caron, Georges de La Tour, and Adam Elsheimer which depict crepuscular realism; and to collections of popular tales deigned to be read at evening firesides, such as Guillaume Bouchet's Serees and Estienne Tabourot's Les escraignes dijonnaises.
Her recent show included portraits of women based on paintings by Rogier van der Weyden, Georges de La Tour, and others.