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Noun1.Gerbillus - type genus of the Gerbillinae: typical gerbilsGerbillus - type genus of the Gerbillinae: typical gerbils
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
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The Wildlife Reserve includes many types of mammals, such as rodents, rats, mice, and Gerbillus. These animals eat their food, which consists of cereals during the night.
Biology of Wagner's gerbil Gerbillus dasyurus (Wagner, 1842) (Rodentia: Gerbillidae) in the Negev Highlands, Israel.
In Gerbillus tarabili (Saadi and Lebaili, 2012) undergoing diet rich in water, the cells of glomerular zone were arranged in clusters surrounded by a network of fenestrated capillaries with rounded shape and variable size.
Table 1 Common and scientific names and habitat of xeric and mesic rodent species discussed in the review Common Name Scientific Name Habitat(*) Chinchilla Chinchilla lanigera Xeric Degu Octodon degus Xeric Desert mouse possum Thylamys pusilla Xeric Gerbil Gerbillus gerbillus Xeric Golden hamster Mesocricetus auratus Mesic Guinea pig Cavia porcellus Mesic Jerboa Jaculus orientalis Xeric Kangaroo rat Dipodomys sp.
major parasites consists of rodents (e.g., Psamomys obeesus, Meriones crassus, Microtus guentheri, Meriones tristrami, Gerbillus spp.), whereas the main reservoir of L.
A search for the rodent hosts of Leishmania major in the Larestan region of southern Iran: demonstration of the parasite in Tatera indica and Gerbillus sp., by microscopy, culture and PCR.
Kotler, "Patch use by gerbils (Gerbillus allenbyi) in sandy and rocky habitats," Journal of Mammalogy, vol.
Small Mammals: Small mammals such as Egyptian Spiny Mouse Acomys cahirinus, Wagner's Gerbil Gerbillus dasyurus and Brandt's Hedgehog Paraechinus hypomelas are likely to be present throughout the Olive Highlands.
These fauna include, but are not limited to, bats (Amorphochilus schnablii, Platalina genovensium, Eumops wilsoni, Mormopterus kalinowskii, Tomopeas ravus) and rodents (Melanomys zunigae, Oligoryzomys arenalis, Phyllotis gerbillus, Sigmodon peruanus) (Mena et al., 2007; Pacheco et al., 2009).
Reptiles, above all unidentified species of Lacertidae and Agamidae, constituted the second most important prey, followed by birds (Spanish sparrows Passer hispaniolensis and their hybrids, FO % = 0.42%) and lastly mammals, mainly rodent species such as Meriones shawi, Gerbillus nanus, Gerbullius tarabuli and Jaculus ssp.
Le Gerbillus, un rongeur, vit dans les zones sableuses.
indica in Larestan7 and Shiraz8 and in Gerbillus in Larestan region.7 Regarding pathological studies, several reports showed the correlation between histopathologic features and prognosis in cutaneous leishmaniasis.9-11