Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt

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Noun1.Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt - German field marshal in World War II who directed the conquest of Poland and led the Ardennes counteroffensive (1875-1953)
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The Last Prussian: A Biography of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt 1875-1953 (reprint, 1991)
German General Gerd von Rundstedt was racing through the Ardennes with 44 divisions and seven panzer divisions.
None of these inmates held a rank lower than general and they included Hitler's favourite army officer, Gerd von Rundstedt, the German tank Commander Erich von Manstein who had led the 1940 Blitzkrieg of 1940 in the Ardennes and the notorious SS officer, Hermann Behrends.
And after D-Day, as the Allies advanced through France and the Low Countries, it became a PoW camp, home to some 2,000 troops including top generals, even Gerd von Rundstedt, regarded by Eisenhower as "the ablest of the German generals".
The Wehrmacht remained strong under capable leaders like Erwin Rommel and Gerd von Rundstedt. Hitler's regime, the perpetrators of almost unimaginable crimes against humanity, needed to be stopped.
Peake suggested that they could include key German commanders responsible for the defence of France, such as Field Marshals Erwin Rommel and Gerd von Rundstedt, as well as members of the Vichy puppet regime.