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Noun1.germ pore - a pore in the outer wall of a spore or pollen grain through which the germ tube or pollen tube makes its exit on germination
stoma, stomate, pore - a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass
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In our findings, specimens from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had 2 germ pores while specimens from Poonch (AJK) had 1 germ pore.
0 um, apical wall may be thickened up to 3 um, 2-germ pores, germ pore of the upper cell is apical, of the lower cell nearly basal or adjacent to pedicel, with distinct hyaline papilla over the pore, 5-7.
66, n= 83/2/2, ellipsoid to oblong in face and side view, apically truncated by a large germ pore [less than or equal to] 2.
yellowish under KOH and with a reduced and inconspicuous germ pore (Cortez & Silveira, 2008).
On the basis of a study of coprophilous fungi from Zulia state, Venezuela, one specie of the family Coniochaetaceae, with cleistothecial ascocarp and ascospores with germ pore was isolated from dove dung.
Asci subglobose to clavate small walled, uniseriate, unitunicate, evanescent, 8 ascospores, with measure 32-56 x 7,4 [micro]m, young ascospore greyish yellow in colour at maturity, turning amber in colour, ellipsoidal with an equatorial germ slit, 35-40x 18-20 [micro]m, having one or two germ pore.
5-24 [micro]m wide, smooth, globose, subglobose, clavate or triangular, sometimes wider than tall, sometimes with an umbo, wall 1 [micro]m thick, 2 [micro]m thick at the base, no germ pore observed, apparently obscure.
5 [micro]m wide, germ pores 2 to 4, scattered, obscure.
5 um thick, smooth; germ pore 1 per cell, mostly apical in the distal cell and near the pedicel or at the septum in the proximal cell, hyaline umbos over the germ pores; apex not thickened; pedicel short, hyaline, not persistent, 3-13 um long.
4 um, constricted at the septum, attenuated at the base, one germ pore in each cell, apex chestnut brown, truncated or conical, rarely obliquely conical, 2-7 um; pedicel short, pale to dark brown, persistent, 5-9 x 5-10 um.
bartlettii, is described, which has certain characteristics of the microascaceae pyrenomycete with two germ pores.