German Africa

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Ger′man Af′rica

the former German colonies in Africa, comprising German East Africa, German Southwest Africa, Cameroons, and Togoland.
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He was subsequently awarded the German Africa Literary prize for freedom of expression in 2001 ("Chenjerai Hove is dead").
The first was kept by an anonymous soldier of the 201st Panzer Regiment, who fought at the turning-point battle of Stalingrad, and the second was penned by Rolf Krengel of the of the German Africa Corps and recounts campaigns in North Africa.
It commemorates the great Second World War battle in which Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery and the Eighth Army defeated Erwin Rommel, the commander of the German Africa Korps, and his troops in the autumn of 1942.
In thematically related essays, Arne Perras traces the continuities that linked conservative colonial agitation in the Bismarckian and Wilhelmine eras, while Nils Oie Oermann examines gaps between the theory and application of law in German Africa.
In an echo of today's dire troubles, his truck had been stoned in Iraq and later he had been wounded and come close to being taken prisoner by the German Africa Corps.
From a land-bound bridge of a ship, you can watch some amazing film footage of ships embarking passengers at Landungsbrucken for North and South America, German Africa, and the Far East.
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