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Schaelike's church became known as the Bethany Church and affiliated itself with the Western Conference of German Baptists, the Baptist Convention of the North Pacific Coast, and received aid from ABHMS.
When Russian German Baptists and Mennonites initially began to worship together after about 1950, they tended to do so in the German language, a survival device to make freedom of speech more possible.
A doctoral student of mine, Gunter Kosling, wrote a dissertation in 1980 on the German Baptists in 1933-34 and described in details their failings and their accommodation to the new Nazi system.
The role of pietism and ethnicity in the formation of the General Conference of German Baptists, 1851-1920.
(4.) Born in 1939 and raised a Baptist, Geldbach belonged to the Union of Evangelical Free Church Congregations (the official denominational title of the German Baptists since 1942).
The German Baptists and their theology had a strong influence on Russian Baptists.
If it matters that straggly, smelly mustaches were a bar for some nineteenth-century Dunkers (as the Brethren, or German Baptists, were commonly known) to planting the Holy Kiss on a brother's lips, it matters that we hear all sides of it, in the voices of the day.
British Baptist beginnings (1844), the work of German Baptists during German colonialism, and the beginnings of the American German-Baptist contribution are briefly described as background.
German Baptists, a religious minority with pietistic sentiments and no direct ties to the state, although facing some limitations, were able to function under the Nazi regime.
To make it possible for German Baptists to resume their missionary work in Cameroon, which had been forbidden by the French during World War II, the French and Swiss Unions founded together with the German Union the Europaische Baptistische Missionsgesellschaft (European Baptist Mission).
"Mennonite Brethren and German Baptists in Russia: Affinities and Dissimilarities." In Mennonites and Baptists: A Continuing Conversation.
Some, such as the German Baptists and Swedish Baptists, now English-speaking bodies, continue as separate bodies because of their historical interrelations and a sense that they are truer to the Bible than their mother body.

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