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Noun1.German capital - capital of Germany located in eastern GermanyGerman capital - capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
West Berlin - the part of Berlin under United States and British and French control until 1989
Berliner - an inhabitant of Berlin
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A bevy of Arab and German businessmen have assembled in the German capital to reassess Germany's economic ties with the wider Arab region.
German airline Eurowings as of today connects the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina with German capital Berlin.
But when she's not submitting stanzas, the Old Monkland resident also enjoys taking pictures and has kindly shared snaps from her recent trip to the German capital of Berlin with our readers.
The new joint venture will be based in German capital and tech industry hub Berlin, and create 'up to 1,000' jobs worldwide, they added.
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a meeting with Mercedes Benz executives in the German capital Berlin.
The Fruit Logistica exhibition concluded on Friday its three-day activities in the German Capital Berlin, where Egypt participated with a distinguished pavilion of 1,390 sqm and included 73 vegetables and fruit companies.
In 2016, 167 investment projects and contracts with German capital worth $540 million and about 555 million euros were registered in Turkmenistan.
2018 was a record year, with more than 1.1 million people coming to the main Berlin Wall Memorial, located on Bernauer Strasse at a 1.4-kilometre stretch of the structure that divided the German capital for decades.
FIREFIGHTERS are struggling to tame a wildfire south west of Berlin and are having to manoeuvre carefully as the blaze set off Second World War ammunition buried in the forests around the German capital.
Video footage posted on social media showed armed policemen cordoning off the area around the cathedral and two ambulances parked at its entrance, a tourist attraction in the German capital.
Germany has become the fourth largest feeder market for Rotana, Hutchinson told TTN on the sidelines of ITB Berlin, the world's leading travel trade show which was held in the German capital last month.