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Noun1.German lesson - instruction in the German language
language lesson - a period of instruction learning a language
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Lenz had already published several well-received novels before he reached a wider audience with what is regarded by many as his most important work, the novel "The German Lesson.'' Published in 1968, it tells the story of Siggi Jepsen, a young man in a school for juvenile delinquents who is required to write an essay on "The Joys of Duty.'' The essay soon grows into a book, an aching recollection of how his father, a German police officer in a small northern coastal town during the war, became obsessed with enforcing an order to stop an artist -- one of the officer's old friends and a beloved mentor of Siggi -- from painting.
IRELAND'S U21s were handed a similar German lesson meted out to the senior team in Sligo last night.
I remember my first German lesson which was entirely in German by the direct method and we also sang quite a lot of German folk songs in the first year.
A reporter sat in recently as instructor Chuck Walsh taught a German lesson at local Denbigh High with some assistance from a cartoon doppelganger that appeared on a monitor in front of the classroom.
Perhaps in the post-war period many politicians forgot the German lesson and tried to pursue growth and accommodate inflation.
His best - known novel, Deutschstunde (1968; translated as The German Lesson, 1971), is a forceful reexamination of the Nazi past which exposes the eternal barbarian in man.
Meanwhile, Herr Lipp spills his double entendres all over the crowd in the only true audience participation section, bringing volunteers Jordan and Chloe to the stage for a blue German lesson that got the crowd howling.
GERMAN LESSON Martin learned about Dortmund's stadium as a player at Wycombe
The second will depart from London Gatwick to visit the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen and includes a German lesson.
Hugo (English, humanities, Berkeley College New Jersey) discusses the depiction and the representation of magnificent houses and architectural creations in 20th century European literature, in works by Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks, The Magic Mountain); Evelyn Waugh (Brideshead Revisited); Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings); and Siegfried Lenz (The German Lesson).
Yesterday Berlin–born pub worker Frances Seehafer gave McGhee, who played for Hamburg in 1984, 10 out of 10 for his unique German lesson.
GERMAN LESSON Hodgson and assistant Ray Lewington look for a way back into the game, top, Mertesacker is congratulated after his first-half goal, middle, and England skipper Gerrard is left devastated at losing against the Germans at Wembley yet again