German process

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(Metal.) the process of reducing copper ore in a blast furnace, after roasting, if necessary.

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" The stories we have are mostly from our experience with the German process, not just with the refugee case," Munzer Khattab told Al Bawaba, adding that the difficulties experienced by refugees are in many ways understandable.
23 September 2015 - German process and packaging technology supplier Bosch Packaging Technology is planning to acquire US-based Kliklok-Woodman Corp., the company said.
Gudemann joins the LIST team after having served as a Managing Director at a renowned German process equipment company.
Before the recession, German chemical major BASF, which has developed PDH technology with German process engineering company Linde, estimated PDH, handicapped by high capital costs, and other alternative technologies accounted for only 5 per cent of global demand for propylene compared with 66 per cent for steam crackers and 29 per cent for refineries.
German process and test solutions supplier SUSS MicroTec AG (Frankfurt:SMH) declared on Wednesday the completion of contract negotiations to acquire HamaTech APE GmbH & Co KG.
In conjunction with the German process engineering company Lurgi, KIT is starting to construct a pilot plant based on the bioliq technology, which should be fully completed in 2012.
The Holocaust in American Life (1999), in reconstructing the American story but vividly traces in detail the comparable German process and its conclusion with the dedication of the Berlin Memorial in 2005.
For the past 10 years he has been managing director of Sudmo (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of the German process engineering and components company, which specialises in the dairy, pharmaceutical and drink sectors.
The planar structures are manufactured using the highly precise UV-LIGA (a German process for ultra-violet lithography, electroplating and molding) technology.
AMEC, the capital projects, services and instruments group, has acquired German process engineering company IMA as part of the strategic development of its European pharmaceutical activities.
The European Commission has acceded to a request from the German monopolies office the Bundeskartellamt to refer back to Berlin for regulatory vetting part of an announced deal whereby German process engineering, traffic technology and defence technology specialist Krauss-Maffei intends to set up a joint venture with fellow-German defence and rail point technology firm Wegmann & Co GmbH.
on its sale to German process automation specialist Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, the firm said.