German shepherd dog

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Noun1.German shepherd dog - breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blindGerman shepherd dog - breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind
sheep dog, sheepdog, shepherd dog - any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep
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Imran Husain, who is one of the world's foremost authorities in the iconic German Shepherd Dog (GSD).
RAWALPINDI: The best German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) from across Pakistan gathered to compete in the biggest GSD competition in the country on Wednesday.
The family had decided to put Zaffa to sleep until he was saved by German Shepherd Dog Rescue.
Surgical management of sclero-corneal dermoid in a German Shepherd dog is presented in this paper.
Lawyers representing Milstead and the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue did not immediately return a request for comment.
He will be sadly missed by all his family, friends, and loyal German Shepherd dog Rex.
A SKINNY German shepherd dog has been found wandering.
A GERMAN shepherd dog which chased off a burglar from his owner's Wirral home has been shortlisted for a national award.
In the second attack, a German Shepherd dog needed surgery.
The police sent a German shepherd dog sniffing around outside and then brought him on board.
We recently diagnosed a case of subcutaneous pythiosis in an 8-month-old German Shepherd dog originally from Bamako, Mali, a country in northwestern Africa.

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