German wirehaired pointer

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Ger′man wire′haired point′er

one of a breed of large hunting dogs with a straight, wiry liver-and-white coat.
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Optimistic pet owners brought their furry friends for the contest, where Blueberry the German wirehaired pointer was awarded the coveted first place prize.
In 2000, a 6-year-old male German wirehaired pointer dog was referred to WSU-VTH for a 4-week history of lameness, diffuse swelling of the right hindlimb, and a draining abscess near the right popliteal lymph node.
The German wirehaired pointer, who lives at remote Corrour Station of Trainspotting fame, was so busy feasting on a deer carcass by the tracks that he failed to notice the train heading his way.
My current dog, Lizzy, a German Wirehaired Pointer, brings a different level of intensity to fishing.
The lower court last year assigned ownership of the then 11-year-old German wirehaired pointer to the husband, Daniel Hament, a Richmond veterinarian.
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