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Adj.1.German-American - of or relating to or characteristic of German Americans
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It was Emil Gluck that caused the terrible German-American War, with the loss of 800,000 lives and the consumption of almost incalculable treasure.
Phil Murphy named Nicola Michels, a longtime veteran of the German-American business community, to lead Choose New Jersey's Europe office.Gov.
Visitors include Martina Luhnau (Schaumburg German-American Society Treasurer), Anja Horn (Schaumburg German-American Society Vice President), Kerstin Lange (journalist), Karsten Becker (state legislator), Jrgen Watermann (Schaumburg German-American Society President) and Lisa Waterman (Schaumburg German-American Society member).
German-American cultural relations continue to be very intense.
Grund was a 19th-century, German-American journalist who also wrote fiction, travel, humor, and memoir.
The central office in New York City was staffed primarily by German-American Jews, who exhibited the same ambivalent attitudes toward the newcomers as did other German-Jewish philanthropies.
Horst Hrubesch, who won the 1980 European title as a player with West Germany and led the men's Olympic team to the final at the 2016 Rio Games, will take over until a full-time replacement is appointed.Jones, a dual German-American citizen, played 111 times for her country but her appointment in 2016 was criticised because she had little previous coaching experience.
I was stationed in Germany in 1972 and every year we had a (German-American) day in which the US Army and the West German Army got together and switched small arms.
The German-American Steuben Parade, named in honor of Revolutionary War General Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, has grown into the largest German-American festival in the U.S.
"Great German Recipes" is a useful, representative cookbook collection of German-American classic cuisine.
Women of two countries; German-American women, women's rights, and nativism 1848-1890.

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