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 (jər-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
An ancient region of central Europe corresponding largely with present-day Germany but extending west into the Low Countries and what is now northeast France. The portions of Germania west of the Rhine and south of the Danube were conquered and colonized by the Roman Empire, while most of the land to the east and north of those rivers remained largely in the hands of Germanic tribes.
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Billy saw her home, kissed her at the gate, and got her consent to go with him to the dance at Germania Hall on Friday night.
Next day, at the ironing boards, Mary told her that she and Bert were dated for Germania Hall.
Germania Flug (GM, Zurich) has rebranded as Chair Airlines (GM, Zurich) and will also change its legal name from Germania Flug AG to Chair Airlines AG effective July 1, 2019.The Swiss leisure carrier said that its new name "represents the seats in the aircraft, which we ultimately sell as an airline.
Vasilis Stamataris told CNA that the decrease could be attributed to the competition with neighbouring countries, the uncertainty over Brexit, the closure of Germania airlines and the fact that many Russian tourists choose Turkey for their holidays.
Vasilis Stamataris told CNA that the decrease is attributed to competition from neighbouring countries, the uncertainty over Brexit, the closure of Germania airline and the fact that many Russian tourists are choosing Turkey for their holidays.
Like many Filipino children, Ann remembers watching her mother and grandmother prepare their meals, busily tending to several pots and pans on top of their trusty La Germania gas range in a well-lit kitchen.
Within these limitations, however, Pagan gives us an excellent overview of Tacitus's surviving works: Agricola, a biography of his father-in-law; Germania, an ethnographic study of Germanic tribes; the Dialogue on Orators, an analysis of the decline of oratory since the Roman Republic; the Histories, a chronicle from the death of Nero to the reign of Domitian; and the Annals, examining the early Roman empire, from the death of Augustus to the rule of Nero.
Germany's oldest independent charter airline, Germania, filed for bankruptcy on February 4 and discontinued all flights.
BERLIN-BASED airline Germania has filed for bankruptcy and cancelled all flights with immediate effect, the company said early on Tuesday.
Summary: Berlin [Germany], Feb 5 (ANI): Berlin-based Germania Airlines on Tuesday filed for bankruptcy due to financial difficulties and has ceased further operations.
??German based Germania Airlines has announced it has commenced regular flights between Berlin and Yerevan, Armenia, the company said.??Flight service between the two cities will be operated on a weekly basis.??The airline said passengers will be provided with food and drinks and will be allowed to carry checked baggage with a weight of up to 20 kg plus 6 kg cabin baggage.
On the other hand, Fly Germania Aviation decided to conduct flights to Sulaymaniyah and Erbil airports as of April 5 and the company has completed all preparations for this purpose.