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One who admires Germany, its people, and its culture.

Ger·man′o·phile′ adj.


(dʒɜːˈmænəˌfaɪl) or


a person having admiration for or devotion to Germany and the Germans
Germanophilia n


(dʒərˈmæn əˌfaɪl)

a person who favors, admires, or studies Germany, Germans, or German culture.


a person who is especially attracted to or interested in Germany, its people, culture, etc.
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[dʒɜːˈmænəfaɪl] Ngermanófilo/a m/f
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The Germanophile conductor Theodore Thomas, for example, insisted that his Second Piano Concerto, op.
Continue reading "The Story of Lev Ginzburg, the Jewish Germanophile Who Became a Soviet Investigator of Nazi Crimes" at...
Molotov was something of a Germanophile who drew distinctions between the "Ideologues of National Socialism" and the "German nation, as one of the great nations of our times." Marx and Engels, after all, were both Germans.
Randalf Dilla opened his exhibition, 'Germanophile,' last Nov.
I have graduated from two American academies, I fly Russian aircraft, but I am neither a Russophile nor an Germanophile, nor an Americanophile.
It was subsequently collected in Otras inquisiciones (Other Inquisitions, 1952), making it, alongside "Definicion de un germanofilo" ("Definition of a Germanophile," 1940) and "Deutsches Requiem" (1946), one of Borges's most widely read essays on Nazism.
El mundo de afuera tells the story of the kidnapping of Don Diego, a Colombian Germanophile who admires Wagner's operas.
Son successeur, presente comme un germanophile et un germanophobe, Emmanuel Macron, a la difficile tache de retablir un equilibre precaire qui passe necessairement par les reformes de toutes les divergences franco-francaises cautionnees par le gouvernement Valls.
"We can set them aside until the resurrection of Hernan Cortez," he wrote Hauser (XVI, 120), and noted that "the projects periodically attributed to President Carranza make the Tramways climb like simple funiculars when he is considered a germanophobe, but fall at full throttle when he is deemed germanophile" (XVI, 167).
Genscher says he met Putin twice, a Germanophile, to broker Khodorkovsky's release to Germany, where the prisoner's mother was at the time undergoing medical treatment, before returning more recently to Moscow.
(4.) Valle-Inclan, en una curiosa carta (informacion que agradezco a Javier Serrano), "Interceptee par les Services de Renseignement francais", segun indica Paul Aubert (176), que la reproduce como inedita, recomienda a un desconocido destinatario, el 17 de julio de 1916, la necesidad de intensificar la propaganda aliada frente a la ofensiva alemana: "Ici la propagande germanophile s'accentue et cela tienta ce que beaucoup perdent peu a peu la foi et qu' il faut la ranimer.