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Noun1.Gerris - type genus of the GerrididaeGerris - type genus of the Gerrididae  
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Gerrididae, Gerrididae, family Gerridae, Gerridae - an arthropod family that includes water striders
common pond-skater, Gerris lacustris - a variety of water strider
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Marco Gerris, an inline skater who set up Ish 20 years ago, sees beyond the thrills of these urban sports and brings out their theatrical qualities.
For instance, certain personality variables have been found to buffer the adverse effects of WFC on exhaustion and depression (Kinnunen, Vermulst, Gerris, and Makikangas, 2003).
Therefore, the problems associated with one domain (work/family) spillover to the other domain (family/work), and distract from the limited resources (e.g., time and energy) and thus, resulting ineffective performance at work-place (Ahmad, 2008; Aryee, Srinivas, & Tan, 2005; Kinnunen, Vermulst, Gerris, & Makikangas, 2003).
In terms of spina bifida caregivers, a recent meta-analysis indicated that up to 46% of mothers and 28% of fathers meet criteria for at least one psychiatric diagnosis (Holmbeck & Devine, 2010; Vermaes, Janssens, Bosman, & Gerris, 2005).
Gerris (2009) "Value transmissions between fathers, mothers, and adolescent and emerging adult children: the role of the family climate".
Costs of loading associated with mate-carrying in the water strider, Gerris remigis.
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