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 (gĕs′nər), Conrad 1516-1565.
Swiss naturalist whose illustrated encyclopedia Historiae Animalium (1551-1558) described all known animal species. He also published an annotated bibliography of all known books in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew (1545-1549).
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Noun1.Gesner - Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)Gesner - Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)
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Run over a few: --The Authors of the Bible; Aristotle; Pliny; Aldrovandi; Sir Thomas Browne; Gesner; Ray; Linnaeus; Rondeletius; Willoughby; Green; Artedi; Sibbald; Brisson; Marten; Lacepede; Bonneterre; Desmarest; Baron Cuvier; Frederick Cuvier; John Hunter; Owen; Scoresby; Beale; Bennett; J.
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, book, music, lyrics: Clark Gesner, book: Michael Mayer; music and lyrics: Andrew Lippa; dir: Jimmy Phillips.
Who is the firm's managing partner or managing partner equivalent?: Stuart Ingis, Chairman; Lawrence Gesner, Co-managing partner; Daniel Moylan, Co-managing partner
Clark Gesner's tuner consists of vignettes featuring Charlie Brown and his Peanuts pals: Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder and everyone's favorite beagle, Snoopy.
Nombra tambien a Valerius Cordus, uno de los comentaristas del Dioscorides, y a Conrad Gesner, autoridad ineludible, pues fue una figura clave de la historia natural del Renacimiento, autor de un Catalogum plantarum, tambien en varias lenguas (latin, griego, aleman y frances), que "por muy imperfecto que fuera" -escribe- mostro muchos avances en la investigacion de las plantas.
Two additional scholarships were given to two undergraduate nursing students--Tiffany Gesner, a student at APSU, and Nichole Gray, a student at Columbia State Community at Franklin.
The sample is close to Aristotle, Pliny the Elder and his Historia naturalis, De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (1543) by Andres Vesalio, to Historiae animalium liber primus: from quadrupedibus viviparis (1602) by Conrad von Gesner, to Systema naturae ( 1758) by Carl Linnaeus, the plates by Jos Celestino Mutis (1732-1808), the images of the Chimborazo volcano by Alexander Humboldt and his Kosmos (1845) and the studies of great scientists and naturalists such as Leonhart Fuchs, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck , Alfred Russel Wallace, Santiago Ramn y Cajal, Rita Levi Montalcini, Louis Pasteur, James Watson
Tratado de monstruos (1575), y de Conrad Gesner, autor de la Historia Animalium (1551-1558), libro tambien citado por Borges al hablar del dragon.
(3) Two scholars attempted to compose a bibliography for several Greek novelists: Gesner (1970:145-162) and Plazenet (1997:685-702) provide a long list for Heliodorus, Achilles Tatius, and Longus, in France and Britain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
One of these catalogues is by Conrad Gesner, an extremely versatile sixteenth-century Swiss scholar who published a bibliography of all books available at the time.
The company put together an excellent show based on the original Broadway production, with music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. It told the tale of Charlie Brown's trials and tribulations, from attempting to fly his kite to relationships with his sister and friends, with pizazz and flair.