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v. t. & i.1.To guess.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While the show offers a balance between high- and low-level displays, with an assortment of special effects, Gesse says the result is dazzling.
Steven and Michelle Gesse got into a dustup with some neighbors, who accused the former of threatening one of them with a gun.
"Bogus Allegations: The Injustice of Guilty Until Proven Innocent" is the memoir of criminology and law of Michelle Lombardi Gesse as she tells of her husband's accusation of a crime, as she shares the struggle against the system that she feels assumes guilt and leaves it to the burden of proving one's own innocence.
Dissertacoes defendidas ate maio de 2010 no mestrado em Ensino das Ciencias na educacao basica da Unigranrio, que tangenciam a tematica das didaticas especificas ALUNO TITULO Jose Carlos Aprendizado colaborativo em Goncalves Gaspar Matematica com o uso de webquest: um estudo de caso Gesse Pereira Viabilidade do aprendizado de Ferreira modelagem discreta como atividade extracurricular Willian da Viabilidade do aprendizado de Silva Leal algoritmo como atividade extracurricular Wanderley Quimica em geral a partir de Carreira de uma tabela no Microsoft Excel: Souza Jr.
747) and "For my part, I do gesse eche howre seems twenty yere" (1.
Besides one word, so as it were begetting an other, as be it in rime or measured verse, by the former a man shall have a neare gesse to the follower.
Gesse Sciacca, director of avionics at Innotech, explains that this first installation communicates through the iridium satellite system, which is less expensive to install than other satellite systems and does not require a broadband system.
In The Court of Love, Philobone says of the allegorical (and in this poem, dead) figure of Pite, "In all the court nas non that, as I gesse,/That coude a lover half so well availe" (7.428).
Netheles Y gesse alle thingis to be peirement for the cleer science of Jhesu Crist my Lord.
If he'd written one it would have gone something like: "I noot wher she be womman or goddesse' But Venus is it, soothly as I gesse' The fairness of that lady that I see' Serving ale in buxomly chastitee."
1587): "Take a speciall note of theyr apparell and furniture, and of the substance that the same is made of, of which a merchant may make a gesse, as well of their commoditie, as also of theyr wants." (20) Unlike the Sherley accounts, which began with the brothers' departures and ended with their arrival at some European destination, there is usually no narrative arc whatsoever in the trade report; Hakluyt's printing of Laurence Chapman's account of the fourth Company voyage to Persia is an excellent example, when, after cataloging the cost of various spices for several paragraphs, the account simply ends.