George Bernard Shaw

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Noun1.George Bernard Shaw - British playwright (born in Ireland)George Bernard Shaw - British playwright (born in Ireland); founder of the Fabian Society (1856-1950)
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I don't know myself what getting married must feel like, but it cannot be much more exciting than watching other people getting married.
His ideas of marriage were, consequently, quite unlike those of the great majority of his acquaintances, for whom getting married was one of the numerous facts of social life.
She had quite abandoned the hope of getting married.
He's always been crazy about you -- and now father has given him the upper farm in his own name and there's nothing to prevent him from getting married.
He had proved himself God's own impetuous lover by insisting on getting married the next day after the proposal, and then by resolutely refusing to compromise on more than a week's delay.
I worked a big deal in futures for their father this morning; nice girls; it's time they were getting married.
Think what it would be like, standing up there in front of all the world and getting married.
We're running away from cities, and you have no kith nor kin, so it don't seem exactly right that we should start off by getting married in a city.
It almost makes me feel like getting married myself.
The house re-echoed with the sound of men and women dancing, and the people outside said, "I suppose the queen has been getting married at last.
It only gets tougher after getting married, as responsibilities are synonymous with being an adult.
Summary: Young couple was insulted, paraded on the street and then told to lick spit for falling in love and getting married