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 (gə-vo͝orts′trə-mē′nər, -wûrts′-)
1. A variety of grape used to make white wine.
a. A full-bodied white wine with a spicy bouquet, made from this grape and produced in the Alsace region of France.
b. A similar wine produced elsewhere.

[German : Gewürz, spice (from Middle High German gewirz, collective of wurz, plant, root, from Old High German; see wrād- in Indo-European roots) + Traminer, grape variety (from Tramin, wine-growing district of the southern Tyrol).]


(ɡəˌvɜːtsˈtræmɪnə; German ɡəˌvyrtsˈtraminər)
1. (Brewing) (sometimes not capital) a white grape grown in Alsace, Germany, and elsewhere, used for making wine
2. (Brewing) any of various fragrant white wines made from this grape
[German, from Gewürz spice, seasoning + Traminer a variety of grape first grown in the Tramin area of the South Tyrol]


(gəˈvʊərts trəˌmi nər)

a dry white table wine of Germany, the Alsace region of France, and N California.
[< German, =Gewürz spice, seasoning (derivative of Würze spice + Traminer a wine and grape variety of the South Tirol, after Tramin a wine-growing district]
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A bottle of fragrant Alsatian wine such as gewurtzaminer or pinot blanc, which because of its perfumed summery flavour can be drunk out of stemless glasses or beakers, is ideal.
"We just got in an Albarino from Spain, and I'm trying some gewurtzaminers on the dry end.