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1. A medieval African kingdom in what is now eastern Senegal, southwest Mali, and southern Mauritania. It was founded probably in the 8th century ad and prospered because of its location astride the trans-Saharan caravan routes. The kingdom declined after the 11th century.
2. A country of western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. It was inhabited in precolonial times by a number of ancient kingdoms, including an inland Ashanti kingdom and various Fante states along the coast. Trade with European states flourished after contact with the Portuguese in the 1400s, and the British established a crown colony, Gold Coast, in 1874. Ghana became independent in 1957. Accra is the capital and the largest city.

Gha′na·ian (gä′nə-yən, gə-nā′ən), Gha′ni·an (gä′nē-ən) adj. & n.
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Noun1.Ghanian - a native or inhabitant of Ghana
Ghana, Gold Coast, Republic of Ghana - a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea; "Ghana was colonized as the Gold Coast by the British"
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
Adj.1.Ghanian - of or relating to or characteristic of Ghana or its people or language; "Ghanaian cocoa production"
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The two goals for the visitors were scored by Ghanian Daniel Addo and Syrian Khaled Alsaleh.
Bharti Airtel has won approval from the Ghanian National Communications Authority for the deal to merge Bharti Ghana (Airtel) with Millicom Ghana (Tigo), subject to certain conditions.
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen: Traditional Ghanian Recipes Re-Mixed fro the Modern Kitchen comes from a London writer and cook who has been receiving acclaim for her pop-up restaurant and supper club, which introduces modern Ghanian food to non-natives unfamiliar with the African cuisine.
The Ghanian athlete was named 'man of the match' after scoring two goals for the South Africa Free State Stars against the Ajax Cape Town in the Premier Soccer League.
Leicester manager Ranieri agreed with Nielsen's judgment on Amartey, a Ghanian midfielder who had only been at Copenhagen since 2014, and the scout told Danish media yesterday there are others who could make the move.
The substitute Ghanian found the top corner from 18 yards before Steve Davies doubled the Robins' advantage at Ashton Gate.
Pedro competed his deal to Chelsea Thursday, and could be in the squad for Sunday's game at West Bromwich, along with new Ghanian full-back Baba Rahman, who has also joined for u21 million.
I like all kinds of music and am really looking forward to exploring the rich culture of Ghanian music.
But Everton hardly played the Ghanian either before or after his spell at the African Cup of Nations.
Ghanian police officers walk past the remaining structure of a petrol station in Accra after a devastating explosion killed 150 people |
The Ghanian couple had tied the knot six years ago.