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n.1.The black currant; also, the wild plum.
1.(Zool.) See Gazelle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Also, in honor of the 650th anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet, thinker and philosopher Imadaddin Nasimi and the Year of Nasimi, the "Savalan" groupperformed musical piece on the poet's ghazel.
The Cabinet meeting also approved seven draft government decrees related to the delimitation of the boundaries of the following municipalities: Bachri-Fatnassa of Kebili governorate, Sidi Thabet and Kalaat el-Andalous of Ariana governorate, El Bassatine of Manouba governorate, Baten El Ghazel, Sidi Ali Ben Aoun and Regueb of the governorate of Sidi Bouzid.
Other factors which have distanced him and exacerbated his connection with the group are: the rift between Shaikhs over certain legal issues where more than one interpretation is possible; his friends' laughter over his failure in exam; his father's warning letter which gives him another chance to pass his exams lest he will be expelled from home; facing accusation of writing ghazel (love poetry) and of having sensual desires for young boys in his circles; being taken to an isolated place and beaten after they fail to bring him back to their circle.
But Bullen Alier in Bor and Santino Deng Teng in Northern Bahr el Ghazel as the independent candidates turned down to contest on Liberal party's tickets and after their successful election, joined as Ministers Prime Minister Ismail al-Azhari government.
Inside old Sidon, among small shops and vendors selling homemade sweets and "Bint al Ghazel" - cotton candy -- one sweets shop owner is trying to make children smile with a simple game using a cardboard box.
Ines Ayed (iD), (1,2) Adel Ghazel, (1) Antoni Jaume-i-Capo (iD), (2) Gabriel Moya-Alcover (iD), (2) Javier Varona (iD), (2) and Pau Martinez-Bueso (iD) (3)
Ghazel, "SDR based multi-band subsampling receivers for GNSS applications," in 2014 1st International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Signal and Image Processing (ATSIP), pp.
Similarly, other poems such as "From the Persian," "The Ballads of Haroun Al Raschid," "Ghazel," "Proverbs, Turkish and Persian," and "From the Arabic" are translated from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian (Trench 271, 281, 287-94, 308-9, 397).
He is accompanied by none other than one of the greatest ghazel and geet singers of modern times, Padma Shri Hariharan.
Dans des passages en playback, les artistes Bouchra Said (Tunisie), Walid Farah (Liban) et les Algeriens de Oued Souf, Karim Touati, Kamel Rezzoug, Mohamed El Khames Zoghdi et Abderrahmane Ghazel se sont succede dans des tours de chant en solo.
Summary: Iranian artist Ghazel's exhibition 'Mea Culpa' reflects the feeling of guilt that has driven her work ever since she left her homeland amid war