n.1.See Ghoul.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Small dams completed under PSDP includes Laughar, Karak, Ghole Banda, Mardankhel in Karak, Khari Bara Haripur, Jabba Khattak Nowshera, Palai Charsadda, Darmalak Kohat and Khundal in Swabi district.
Sena leaders, Amey Ghole and Samadhan Sarvankar, who is Sena legislator Sada Sarvankar's son, met the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta on Tuesday and gave a letter demanding the BMC to take legal action against the radio channel.
Ramsay, "One sees the evil results of the system (wesh system) everywhere - no orchards, no gardens, few, if any, trees except in the sacred precincts of a ziarat (shrine); even the masjids (mosques) are a mere roof of mud or thatching, whichever comes cheaper, resting on three sides on a rough mud or stone wall, which also encloses the courtyard or ghole on fourth side.
Sinekeshan faraz mishavam Ama Shoghe bolanda Va fathe ghole nadaram Chizi Vasvaseam mikonad Ke dar an bala Lahzee Tare barfin be bad sard miseparam Va shenavar manam Ro dar rooye afagh door (Atashi 175; [1])
Ghole, "Rapid method for the preparation of an AGE-BSA standard calibrator using thermal glycation," Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, vol.
The fourth and the final session concluded with panelists Mr Arun Narke, Mr Radha Krishna Vikhe Patil, Mr Dhananjay Datar (businessman), Mr Pramod Ghole (NABARD) on Agriculture & Industrial Development moderated by Mr Rajendra Hunje.
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Pramod Gupta, MD, Vidisha Ghole, MD, and Nahid Eshaghi, MD