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 (kōm) also Qum (ko͝om)
A city of west-central Iran south-southwest of Tehran. It has been a Shiite Muslim center since early Islamic times and a pilgrimage site since the 1600s.


(kɒm) ,




(Placename) a city in NW central Iran: a place of pilgrimage for Shiite Muslims. Pop: 1 045 000 (2005 est)


or Qum


a city in NW Iran, SW of Teheran. 780,453.
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Diversas investigaciones realizadas tanto a nivel internacional como en el contexto espanol revelan la persistencia de los desequilibrios y desigualdades relacionados con el genero en el ambito universitario (Edwards, Desai, Gidycz, & Vanwynsberghe, 2009; Gross, Winslett, Roberts, & Ghom, 2006; Lopez, & Perez, 2014).
The most serious seismic hazards in Urmieh- Sirjan province, which contains large cities such as Urmieh, Sirjan, Sanandaj, Hamadan, Arak, Ghom and Isfahan, are landslides in high regions of northern margins, settlements in some lowlands and surface faulting.
Ghom (oral medicine and radiology, Chhattisgarh Dental College and Research Center, India) and Mhaske (oral pathology, People's Dental Academy, India) provide a textbook that covers a wide range of topics in oral pathology, for use as a reference by undergraduates, postgraduates, and practicing dentists.
General testing conditions and the material characteristics at various projects Project Layer Type Classification Number of Test Points Kahrizak Subgarde A-6 3 Azadegan Expressway Subbase A-1-a 2 Khalij Street Subbase A-1-a 2 Amamali Expressway Subbase A-1-a 4 Yadegar Expressway Subbase A-1-a 11 Base A-1-a 7 Ghom Freeway Subbase under AC A-1-a 12 Project Layer Type Evaluated Parameters Kahrizak Subgarde Drop Weight, CBR Azadegan Expressway Subbase Drop Weight, CBR Khalij Street Subbase Drop Weight, CBR Amamali Expressway Subbase Drop Height, Plate Diameter Yadegar Expressway Subbase Drop Weight, Drop Height Base Distances of Extra geophones, CBR Ghom Freeway Subbase under AC FWD Back-calculated Moduli Table 2.
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The relationship between entrepreneurship skills of managers and organizational effectiveness in low and average business (SMEs) of Ghom State, M.