Giambattista Marino

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Noun1.Giambattista Marino - Italian poet (1569-1625)
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My principal aim in this regard is to provide a fuller perspective on the poems written in English, though because of his important connection to Crashaw, I will also comment on the Italian translation of Giambattista Marino.
Monica Bisi's book is a study of the dialectics between pagan and Christian culture in Italian literature, in relation to the theme of transformation and its dynamics in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, Giambattista Marino's Adonis, and Alessandro Manzoni's Adelchi, Count of Carmagnola and The Betrothed.
I was hoping for more of this varied perspective in the final chapter, "The Possibility of Opera," but, other than an enlightening discussion of Giambattista Marino's poetic influence on Monteverdi's work, the analysis seems somewhat perfunctory.
In "Incisivita sublime: l'arte epigrammatica di Aurelio Orsi nel giudizio di Giambattista Marino," Tobias Leuker used Marino's La galeria (1619) to draw attention to a little-known Neo-Latin epigrammatist, Aurelio Orsi.