Giant kettle

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Then a whistle would toot, and across the curtain of the theater would come a little engine with a carload of something to be dumped into one of the receptacles; and then another whistle would toot, down by the stage, and another train would back up--and suddenly, without an instant's warning, one of the giant kettles began to tilt and topple, flinging out a jet of hissing, roaring flame.
Traditional systems heat digestate in a tank with a heating jacket - similar to waiting for a giant kettle to boil - and then dump the heat after it has served its original purpose.
Sharjah: The popular teapot-shaped Al Breej stall is setting up another giant kettle in December in an undisclosed location in Sharjah, a manager said.
NURSES put a giant kettle to encourage others have a charity cuppa.
They swapped about on lead vocals and instruments with Dolenz jumping between guitar and drums - including a giant kettle drum for Randy Scouse Git - Jones shaking his maracas and tambourine, with occasional forays on the guitar, and a perpetually grinning Tork showing his skills on keyboards, guitar, banjo and even a French horn.
A GIANT kettle has steamed into town to inform people about the importance of recycling household electricals.
A giant kettle drawing was laid on the pavement on Davison Street, in the town centre, to raise awareness of national Recycle Week this week.
I saw the rural homestead where my dad grew up in the 1920s and '30s--a dirt road, an outhouse instead of an indoor toilet, no heat but the kitchen's coal stove, cold running water inside, and a giant kettle on the stove for warm water.
- Like a giant kettle knowing it's being watched, this volcano mostly stewed through another warm October day, denying spectators the boilover they long to see.
During dad's years at the yard from 1937 to about 1960, he always kept a fire burning in the grate, and a giant kettle simmering on the hob.
A GIANT kettle was used yesterday in a bid to switch shoppers on to the need to recycle their unwanted electrical goods.