Strait of Gibraltar

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Noun1.Strait of Gibraltar - the strait between Spain and Africa
Pillars of Hercules - the two promontories at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar; according to legend they were formed by Hercules
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The aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" crossed with the warships of the Gibraltar Strait Aviation Group on November 15 and then entered the Mediterranean.
The coast guard said on Twitter it had rescued 507 people from 59 small dinghies in the Gibraltar strait, where it also found the four bodies.
More also completed six of the Oceans Seven swims between 2014 and 2016: English Channel (13 hours and 23 minutes), North Channel (12 hours and 43 minutes), Catalina Channel (10 hours and 17 minutes), Molokai Channel (17 hours and 28 minutes), Tsugaru Strait (10 hours and 37 minutes) and Gibraltar Strait (3 hours and 56 minutes).
Fin whale believed to be around 7 or 8 years old, washed to the Mediterranean through Gibraltar Strait
A fin whale was found dead ashore in the Rushdy district, Alexandria - Egypt Today/Asmaa Ali Badr Egyptian authorities also said that it is likely that the whale entered the Mediterranean Sea through Gibraltar Strait and then washed up on the beach of Alexandria city on Saturday evening.
The Gibraltar Strait is a busy shipping zone used by up to 300 vessels daily and Frances will be calling on experience, having twice swum the English Channel -- once in a relay and once solo.
The expansion of Tangier port will facilitate trade through Gibraltar Strait thus have economic and social benefits for the Moroccan people, said Al-Hamad.
"The Cruiser Moskva is heading to the Gibraltar Strait. In approximately 10 days it will enter the East Mediterranean, where it will take over as the flagship of the naval task force," the unidentified source said.
Many of them flew to the capital from southern Spain but others may have migrated from northern Africa on a long journey across the Gibraltar Strait to destinations across Europe, he told AFP on Monday.
He was then to cross the Gibraltar Strait at 8,500 metres (28,000 feet), enter Moroccan airspace over Tangiers and land in Rabat-Sale some time after 11pm (2200 GMT).
The new Centre will contribute to improving the maritime traffic efficiency and protecting environment in the Gibraltar Strait.