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Gi·bral·tar 1

A British colony centered around the heavily fortified Rock of Gibraltar, a strategically located peninsula on the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and northern Africa. Gibraltar was captured by Arabs in 711 and passed to the Spanish in 1462. Great Britain captured Gibraltar in 1704 and was granted sovereignty by treaty in 1713.

Gi·bral′tar′i·an (-târ′ē-ən) adj. & n.

Gi·bral·tar 2

An invincible fortress or stronghold.
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(Placename) of or relating to Gibraltar or its inhabitants
1. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
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Noun1.Gibraltarian - a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
Calpe, Gibraltar, Rock of Gibraltar - location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain; strategically important because it can control the entrance of ships into the Mediterranean; one of the Pillars of Hercules
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Gibraltarian - of or relating to Gibraltar or its inhabitants; "Gibraltarian customs office"
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A. ADJgibraltareño
B. Ngibraltareño/a m/f
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THUMBS UP: Westlife's Shane and Kian welcome the Gibraltarian Special Olympics team yesterday after gig confirmed
DETERMINED: A Gibraltarian urges voters in the British enclave to reject sharing sovereignty with Spain
In a TV address to the Gibraltarian people, Mr Caruana denounced the shared sovereignty proposal made by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as ``a betrayal and violation of our right to self-determination''.
As a Gibraltarian I believe Britain should not even consider selling us to the Spaniards!
But Mr Pique said Spain could not accept the Gibraltarian people's right to self-determination or drop its claim on the colony.
A HIGHLY placed Gibraltarian government source denied an Iranian news agency report that the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 would leave the British overseas territory yesterday.
The ex-Cabinet minister, a former Scots Guards officer, believed the UK should have been braced for retaliation by Tehran after Royal Marines helped Gibraltarian authorities seize the Iranian tanker Grace 1 this month.
Hunt also contented that Grace 1 detention by Gibraltarian authorities was totally "legal" as Gibraltarian authorities.
"Grace 1 was detained legally in Gibraltarian waters because it was carrying oil, against EU sanctions, to Syria, and that's why the Gibraltarian authorities acted totally with respect to due process and totally within the law.
Grace1 was held "legally" and in "with respect to due process" by Gibraltarian authorities after having found to be carrying oil to Syria in breach of EU sanctions, he suggested.