Giemsa stain

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Giem·sa stain

n. coloración de Giemsa, usada en frotis de sangre en análisis microscópicos.
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Chromosome analysis was done by metaphase chromosome banding using conventional Giemsa banding technique.
The main methods that result in good staining include Giemsa, Leishman, Shorr's, or other Romanowsky type stains (Cora et al., 2015).
1A) and examined to confirm the presence of virus by light microscope with Giemsa staining according to Mustafa et al.
The dye entered the circulation and stained her reticulocytes, which were then visible in a Giemsa stained blood film.
Thin smear of blood sample, collected from different sources were stained by Giemsa as per the standard method by Hendrix (1998) with some modifications.
For leukemias and lymphomas, one of the most common challenges, the performance of modified Giemsa preparations was slightly better than that of Pap-stained preparations.
The scrapings were stained with Gram's staining technique, Kinyoun staining, Giemsa stain and KOH wet mount preparation.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Smears show papillary formations (x10, May-Grunwald- Giemsa [MGG]), (b) intranuclear inclusions seen in the cells (x40, MGG)