Giemsa stain

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Giem·sa stain

n. coloración de Giemsa, usada en frotis de sangre en análisis microscópicos.
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Panotico staining presented some advantages, because Panotico is a readily available, easy to use, low cost product, and has a faster staining when compared to Giemsa stain.
The smear was immersed for 1-2 min in Giemsa, rinsed under running tap water for 5-10 sec then the smear was stained for two hours in 10% Giemsa stain (10g of Giemsa dissolved in 100ml distilled water).
Cerebrospinal fluid samples with only small numbers of malignant hematopoietic cells may be more challenging, and a modified Giemsa stain on a CytoSpin will facilitate comparison with malignant cells present in bone marrow, blood, or lymph node touch preparations from the same patient.
The scrapings were stained with Gram's staining technique, Kinyoun staining, Giemsa stain and KOH wet mount preparation.
The presence of Plasmodia parasites was noted based on their staining features with Giemsa stain. We further quantified the malaria parasites by examining microscopically the X100 objective.
A 4-mm, a skin punch biopsy specimen was obtained with due precautions and sent for histopathological examination and special staining, including Giemsa stain. Pathohistological examination confirmed the diagnosis of mastocytosis.
Results: Gastric biopsies of 100 patients, who were diagnosed as gastritis on histopathological examination were analyzed with the help of Giemsa stain for the presence or absence of H.
Three thin and three thick blood smear from each animal were prepared immediately and fixed in 100% Methyl alcohol and brought to laboratory for further process of Giemsa stain described by Soulsby [7].
[sup][1],[2],[3] Langerhans cells are characteristically seen as large cells with clear and velvety cytoplasm, oval or kidney-shaped vesicular nuclei with irregular shapes nucleoli, frequent grooves, and indentation on Giemsa stain. The previous study has shown that analysis of Giemsa-stained BAL fluid is as good as immunostaining in identifying these cells.