Meat offering

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(Script.) an offering of food, esp. of a cake made of flour with salt and oil.

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26 ( ANI ): Social media giant Facebook has reportedly decided to end its physical gift offering feature and introduce gift cards.
Fruitcake is as an evergreen a punch line as it is a stale, despised gift offering.
COM, said, "During the past several years, as we have aggressively expanded our Food, Wine and Gift Basket business, we have seen chocolate and other confection items become an increasingly important part of our gift offering.
The Greeting Card with a Gift offering allows us to create additional value within our customers' gifting experiences, and build stronger, more personal customer relationships.
Retailers are beginning to get smart about this most profitable gift offering and are combining token gift items like chocolates with a gift card, thus vastly increasing the gifting pleasure on Christmas morning.
Floral scents are noticeably absent in this gift offering.
Online orders grew more than 50 percent, compared with the prior year period, driven by the increased traffic and the Company's expanded gift offering.
COM continues to expand its specialty gift offering, providing customers with more and more choices," said Michael Soenen, president and CEO of FTD.
Examples of Whole Foods' gift offerings include:-- World of Good Embroidered Ornaments -- These handmade decorations are produced in cooperatives around the world, and the proceeds go directly back to those who create the ornaments.
When it comes to gift offerings, the phrase 'it's the thought that counts' really is significant and never more so than in Chinese business etiquette, writes Steve Wood, partner at international accountancy firm Mazars.
Hotel chains are getting more and more creative with their gift offerings.
Lever Faberge bas unveiled Christmas gift offerings from five of it personal care brands, which together share a total package of 45m [pounds sterling] in advertising this year.