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Noun1.Gilbert Stuart - United States painter best known for his portraits of George Washington (1755-1828)Gilbert Stuart - United States painter best known for his portraits of George Washington (1755-1828)
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As you walk along the corridors and hallways of the historic house, you will find portraits of the presidents and their first ladies, which were painted by artists commissioned by the White House Staff such as Gilbert Stuart (George Washington), John Trumbull (John Adams), George Peter Alexander Healy (Abraham Lincoln), and Aaron Shikler (John F.
A well-known Gilbert Stuart oil portrait of George Washington sold for $11.6 million against an $8 million estimate -- the most ever paid for his work.
Bush's portrait in the White House, for example, follows a template established by Gilbert Stuart's majestic Lansdowne Washington, painted in the 1790s.
Two Art Bridges projects underway include program support for John Sloan's "Bleecker Street"--currently on loan for the exhibition "New York, New York" at Nassau County Museum of Art; and support for Gilbert Stuart's "William Smith" --currently on loan to Juniata College Museum of Art.
Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828), an entirely apolitical man committed to no cause beyond his own advancement, went to London, too, becoming another American prodigy of West's.
One theme emerging from many essays is that a potential new market, on the whole in Dublin but also elsewhere, lured many artists to Ireland, among the best known being Gilbert Stuart and George Chinnery.
In late August 1814, during the British attack on Washington, DC, First Lady Dolley Madison remained at the President's House until the very last possible moment, before finally loading her carriage with as many valuables--including the famed Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington--as she could carry, thereby gaining recognition for her bravery and her dedication to the nation.
Critics rank him right up there with Gilbert Stuart, Benjamin West and Copley.
I think blending a great master's Rodney Pike, from Louisiana, placed Durham-born Rowan Atkinson's comedy charactersinto more than 30 works by artists like Rembrandt, Gilbert Stuart and Da Vinci.
GRAND PLAN Z Gilbert Stuart and grandson Ross buy tickets TYNIE FAN J Kevin McHattie hands over J tickets to Michael Turner and his daughter
First Lady Dolley Madison managed to flee with a few priceless treasures, including this portrait of Georg Washington by Gilbert Stuart. Today, it hangs in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington.
Highlights include an original set of Washington's dentures; several original works of art, including Gilbert Stuart's classic Washington portrait; the Washington family Bible; and original pieces of Martha Washington's jewelry.