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The centimeter-gram-second electromagnetic unit of magnetomotive force, equal to 10/4 π ampere-turn.

[After William Gilbert.]


1. (Biography) Grove Karl. 1843–1918, US geologist who pioneered the study of river development and valley erosion
2. (Biography) Sir Humphrey. ?1539–83, English navigator: founded the colony at St John's, Newfoundland (1583)
3. (Biography) William. 1540–1603, English physician and physicist, noted for his study of terrestrial magnetism in De Magnete (1600)
4. (Biography) Sir W(illiam) S(chwenck). 1836–1911, English dramatist, humorist, and librettist. He collaborated (1871–96) with Arthur Sullivan on the famous series of comic operettas, including The Pirates of Penzance (1879), Iolanthe (1882), and The Mikado (1885)


(Units) a unit of magnetomotive force; the magnetomotive force resulting from the passage of 4π abamperes through one turn of a coil. 1 gilbert is equivalent to π = 0.795 775 ampere-turn. Symbols: Gb or Gi
[C19: named after William Gilbert]


(ˈgɪl bərt)

the centimeter-gram-second unit of magnetomotive force, equal to 0.7958 ampere-turns.
[1890–95; after William Gilbert (1544–1603), English physician]


(ˈgɪl bərt)

1. Cass, 1859–1934, U.S. architect.
2. Sir Humphrey, 1537–83, English navigator and colonizer in America.
3. Sir William Schwenck (ʃwɛŋk) 1836–1911, English playwright and poet: collaborator with Sir Arthur Sullivan.
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Noun1.gilbert - a unit of magnetomotive force equal to 0.7958 ampere-turns
magnetomotive force unit - a unit of measurement of magnetomotive force
2.Gilbert - a librettist who was a collaborator with Sir Arthur Sullivan in a famous series of comic operettas (1836-1911)
3.Gilbert - English court physician noted for his studies of terrestrial magnetism (1540-1603)
4.gilbert - English navigator who in 1583 established in Newfoundland the first English colony in North America (1539-1583)Gilbert - English navigator who in 1583 established in Newfoundland the first English colony in North America (1539-1583)
5.Gilbert - United States architect who influenced the development of the skyscraper (1859-1934)