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A mountainous region of ancient Palestine east of the Jordan River in what is now northwest Jordan.


(Placename) a historic mountainous region east of the River Jordan, rising over 1200 m (4000 ft)


(Bible) Old Testament a grandson of Manasseh; ancestor of the Coileadites (Numbers 26: 29–30)


(ˈgɪl i əd)

1. a district of ancient Palestine, E of the Jordan River, in present N Jordan.
2. Mount, a mountain in NW Jordan. 3596 ft. (1096 m).
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But she never suspected that she was not an angel of healing and the balm of Gilead in disguise, to the suffering neighbors.
The night fever over, I looked about for balm to that wound also, and found some nearer home than at Gilead.
To the eastward lies the Valley of the Jordan and beyond it the mountains of Gilead.
Since 1999, Gilead has provided access to adefovir dipivoxil through Study 435 to approximately 400 chronic hepatitis B patients with lamivudine-resistant HBV who are wait listed for or have received a liver transplant.
Tenofovir, Gilead Sciences' candidate reverse transcriptase inhibitor, could be approved in about six months.