Gill arches

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(Anat.) Same as Branchial arches.

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Henneguya aequidens occurred in 33.3% of the gills of Aequidens plagiozonatus individuals (VIDEIRA et al., 2015); whereas in Arapaima gigas, Henneguya arapaima parasitized the gill arches and gall bladder with a prevalence of 11.7% and 82.3%, respectively (FEIJO et al., 2008).
a) Trichodinids in a fresh-mounted smear from the gill arches, b) differential interference contrast microscope, c) an adhesive disc of Trichodina in silver nitrate impregnation, d) T.
Mandible, ceratobranchial, cleithrum and gill arches were the initial skeletal structures appeared at 3 DPH that supported the vital life functions such as feeding and respiration.
Prior to the observation of the parasites location on the gills, arbitrary division of the gill arches was made according to Turgut et al.
The diameters of gill opening as well as the length of gill arches were measured; the numbers of gill arches and gill rakers were detected.
The next morning we euthanized the fish by cervical separation and removed the gill arches and placed them in 300 pL 0.4% KCl.
In addition, many fish have taste buds on the gills, throat, gullet, gill arches and even between the teeth, while some species have taste buds outside the mouth.
The lower jaw, teeth, and Meckel's cartilage develop when cells of the cranial neural crest (CNC), which give rise to the dorsal neural tube, migrate into the gill arches (1-3).