Gill arches

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(Anat.) Same as Branchial arches.

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Prior to the observation of the parasites location on the gills, arbitrary division of the gill arches was made according to Turgut et al.
The next morning we euthanized the fish by cervical separation and removed the gill arches and placed them in 300 pL 0.
In addition, many fish have taste buds on the gills, throat, gullet, gill arches and even between the teeth, while some species have taste buds outside the mouth.
The gills of the most external gill arches were removed, always on the right-hand side of the fish.
Anatomical Description of Scapulocoracoid and Gill Arches of Benthobatis kreffti
The lower jaw, teeth, and Meckel's cartilage develop when cells of the cranial neural crest (CNC), which give rise to the dorsal neural tube, migrate into the gill arches (1-3).
i) tooth-like structures were found on gill arches in a primitive jawless vertebrate, indicating that teeth evolved prior to jaws.
Overall, 20 percent of rainbow trout and cutthroat trout were deep-hooked--the hook embedded in the esophagus or deeper, or in the gill arches.