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 (jə-lĕt′), King Camp 1855-1932.
American inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (c. 1895) and founded the Gillette Safety Razor Company (1901).
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Noun1.Gillette - United States inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (1855-1932)Gillette - United States inventor and manufacturer who developed the safety razor (1855-1932)
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By offering a helpful grooming content, a chance to win new prizes and perks, the new Gillette Shave Club for men offers an enhanced subscription shopping experience for consumers, according to the P&G brand.
The son of one victim called Johan Gillette a monster, the son of the other called him a loving brother.
WE have teamed up with Gillette, the official male grooming partner of Wales Rugby, to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a pair of VIP hospitality tickets to watch Wales take on South Africa on Saturday.
NEW YORK-With one of its latest products, the Gillette Co.
THE $57 BILLION MERGER of Gillette and Procter & Gamble was definitely big news.
The property's most famous resident was King Camp Gillette, founder of the Gillette Razor Co.
We'd like to invite you to consider joining the Gillette Company, one of the world's leading consumer products companies.
The acquisition of IT Partners with its experienced management team will enable Gillette Global Network to provide a full range of integrated Internet-based ASP services -- e.
The shop will continue working with Gillette on projects.
To drive waste down to a minimum while keeping its manufacturing cells running smoothly, Gillette Co.
In Villaroel, TC Memo 1998-247, a taxpayer terminated her employment with Oral B Laboratories (a subsidiary of the Gillette Company) in October 1994, after more than five years of service.