High five

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1.See Cinch (the game).
2.a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other's raised right hand. Also used as a verb.
References in classic literature ?
I's gwine to tell yo' uncle--en I'll do it dis minute, too--he'll gimme FIVE dollahs for de news, en mighty glad, too.
GIMME FIVE Duchess joked with Rafael Chana, four, at hospital.
Gimme five (to 10 launches) up high -- but down low, too slow?
GIMME FIVE, MAN Wednesday's Lewis McGugan celebrates scoring his side's second goal with Lopez Sanchez EFIVE MAN
GIMME FIVE - Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas greets children in the town of Inabanga while on a visit to check on the progress of the DILG's Bohol Earthquake Assistance funded projects for towns hit by the massive earthquake that struck the province in October, 2013.
Gimme five Simple Minds have announced a unique chance to hear them play a set dedicated to their highly acclaimed early albums.
Members of the 14th Coventry Scout Group embarked on the exercise to support the WWF Gimme Five campaign.
Youngsters and parents, Ilchester hope, will be attracted to the newly shaped cheeses with appealing names such as Cheddly Bears made from Cheddar cheese, duck-shaped Cheesy Quackers, mini Edam Moon Munchers, Gimme Five striped fingers and Cheddasaurs, which are Cheddar cheese-shaped dinosaurs.
gimme five Dundela's new signings Matty Kean, Adam Calvert, Jordan Hughes, Daniel Burns and Curtis Black
GIMME FIVE Star said the children were inspiring, despite their tough lives
GIMME FIVE Woods had to graft for his level-par 70 yesterday and is five shots off the lead KICKING UP A STORM Scott takes a fourshot lead into today's final round .
CELEBRATING a third Troytown win, after the Edward O'Grady-trained pair Deep Gale (1980) and Gimme Five (1995), McManus had a good day on Sunday, helping to ease the disappointment of Binocular's defeat in the Fighting Fifth at Newcastle the previous afternoon.