n. & v.1.See Jingle.
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If you plant where savages are, do not only entertain them, with trifles and gingles, but use them justly and graciously, with sufficient guard nevertheless; and do not win their favor, by helping them to invade their enemies, but for their defence it is not amiss; and send oft of them, over to the country that plants, that they may see a better condition than their own, and commend it when they return.
The new station's play list will include classic favorites such as Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano), Blanca Navidad (Pedro Vargas) and Los peces en el rio (Bienvenido Rodriguez) and original, never-before-released remixes of La Mari Morena (Sergio Marciano y Rafael Bermudez), Navidad Tropical Medley (Raul Di Blasio) and Gingle Belele (El General).
Tenders are invited for Clearing Of Grass Cutting At Nhpc Colony, Gingle
unleashed by Gingles, (33) My analysis also proceeds over an unusually
Director Matthew Gingles, who owned half the company when Witold died, refused to comment.
At Texas' Ennis Daily News, Keenan Gingles has been named publisher; previously he was regional manager and publisher at Louisiana's Abbeville Meridional and has worked as a reporter, editor, ad director, district manager and publisher.
Tom Gingles, boss of SIS's Irish operation, said: "The reason is primarily cost.
The EchoTip significantly improves a caregiver's ability to identify the exact 'tip' location of a needle and therefore, successfully access small targets," said Bruce Gingles, global leader of Cook Medical's critical care division.
Cook's Arndt Endobronchial Blocker provides physicians with an advanced and effective alternative for lung separation in patients with difficult airways," said Bruce Gingles, Global Leader of Cook Critical Care.
Cook's commitment to patients is reflected in the continued innovation of our Cook Airway Exchange Catheters product line," said Bruce Gingles, Global Leader of Cook Critical Care.
The enhanced design of our double-lumen Thal-Quick chest tube is intended to offer both physicians and patients an improved experience," said Bruce Gingles, Global Leader of Cook's critical care business unit.