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Noun1.Ginkgoales - coextensive with the family Ginkgoaceae: plants that first appeared in the Permian and now represented by a single surviving species; often included in Coniferales
plant order - the order of plants
class Ginkgophytina, class Ginkgopsida, Ginkgophytina, Ginkgopsida, subdivision Ginkgophyta, subdivision Ginkgophytina - ginkgos: in some systems classified as a class and in others as a subdivision; used in some classifications for one of five subdivisions of Gymnospermophyta
family Ginkgoaceae, ginkgo family, Ginkgoaceae - constituting the order Ginkgoales; includes the genus Ginkgo and extinct forms
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An assessment of the use of epidermal micro-morphological features to estimate leaf economics of Late Triassic- Early Jurassic fossil Ginkgoales.
They have told me that of the family Ginkgoaceae, order ginkgoales, the ginkgo biloba is the only remaining species.
Se trata de un arbol unico en el mundo, ya que cuenta con una division o filo: ginkgofitos (Ginkgophyta, en latin), de la clase Ginkgoopsida; orden Ginkgoales, familia Ginkgoaceae o ginkgoaceas y del genero Ginko.